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Thunder From Down Under

I just finished watching Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission so here, have some thoughts


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If I find out any of you guys have stuck around since my wanderingstartrail days then I will probably cry and thank you many times over for staying with this lame blog


Name: Jamilla
Age: almost 16
Gender: female


Food: savoury- pork buns, sweet- oreos
Drink:Lemon lime and bitters
Book: I still love the No.6 novels a lot
Favorite Author:Rick Riordan b/c he is fab
Song: Alligator Sky by Owl City
Movie: Spirited Away
TV Show: whatever my anime of the week is (this week it’s Hunter X Hunter)
Band: Sukima Switch
Solo Artist: Adam Young (Owl City)
Place:The forest up the road
School Subject: Japanese
Sport: Kendo 
Male Actor:I’m too much of a weaboo to have one
Female Actor: see last question


Best Friend:  a few people
Significant Other:  unrequited right now OTL
Siblings:  Younger sister ^^
Dream Job:ambassador
Religion:  None
Tattoos:  Nope
Piercings: None
Languages: English, fragments of French and a fair bit of Japanese


Reason Behind URL: Karan is Yoming’s senpai and she bakes muffins. That’s it that’s the whole url
Reason Behind Icon: It was Nezumi with a muffin. What else was I meant to do?

# of Posts: 9096
Why You Joined: 
Saw it in a dumb girl’s magazine
First URL: wanderingstartrail
# of Blogs: 
3 active ones
Hoarded URLs:  None

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The new Vocaloid magazine “I wanna be a Vocalo-P (ボカロPになりたい!)” has recently announced in their twitter that the first issue of the magazine will introduce the new V3 voicebank “Rana”.

Her official website states her voice provider will be Kakuma Ai and her…